Creative juices are a’flowing

There’s something about autumn that really makes my creative juices start flowing again. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the brisk wind blowing the cobwebs from my brain, or the sugar rush from the white chocolate mochas I love to practically inhale whenever I can – but whatever autumnal magic is in the air, I’m super grateful for it.

Spring has a milder effect on me – I’ll start planning for the year ahead, but don’t tend to get any serious work done. Summer is a time for being outside and soaking up as much sun as possible (we get little enough here in the UK) or alternatively, being so overwhelmed by the unseasonal heat that you’re forced to retreat indoors and take a siesta or three. Winter used to be my favourite season when I was little (frost! Icy puddles! My birthday! Christmas!), but now I dread the long dark days and nights, and generally spend the winter months hibernating and hissing at anyone who tries to pry me away from the fireside and a good book.

Autumn has been my favourite season for many years now, even before the arrival of pumpkin spice lattes. Perhaps it’s because it’s still light enough to easily wake up in the mornings (when you’re not nine months pregnant that is) so you feel like you can still get something done with your day before the nights inevitably begin to get longer. Or maybe it’s because the weather is still fairly good this time of year – we haven’t yet reached the grey slush and rain of winter, but the heat of summer is starting to become a distant memory – so you actually have the energy and mental mindset to get stuff done.

Whatever it is, I’m so grateful for this time of year. Although with baby #1 due any day now (and yes, I was hoping for an autumn baby!), I doubt I’ll get anything much done this season. But after spending the summer being hot, grumpy and extremely pregnant, it feels good to write something again. Even if it’s just this blog post for now.

Here’s to autumn!

One thought on “Creative juices are a’flowing

  1. Murees Dupè Reply

    It is so good to read this. I have missed you. It is always good when one can get some writing done😉.

    We are leaving winter behind here, and I am dreading the summer already.

    Goodluck with the last few days of pregnancy. I bet you can’t wait to meet your baby at last. Sending you tons of hugs.

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